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Smart Hiring Professional HVAC Repair

Saturday, November 18th, 2023

In many parts of this country, life without air conditioning would be extremely uncomfortable for many months of the year. Here are some tips to keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

With a reasonable amount of preventive maintenance, HVAC Repair – When To Call In The Professionals Articles you can keep your home cool during the summer and avoid an exorbitant electric bill at the same time. This includes regular upkeep performed by you as well as yearly inspection by an HVAC expert in order to prevent further problems. Find out what is required to extend the life of your system.

Although getting AC repair for smaller issues will help keep costs to a minimum, you should do your part to improve its cooling efficiency by performing routine maintenance on it yourself. The exterior of the air conditioning unit should be kept free of debris to keep the air flowing freely, thereby preventing damage to the compressor. You should apply lubricating oil to the motor and clean the evaporator coil and condenser coil for optimal functioning. The drain line collects and drains condensed water away from the unit, and you should inspect it for any signs of blockage, such as algae or debris, as well as checking the hoses to make sure they are properly secured. To avoid strain on the motor, you should wash or replace the air filters at least monthly and close the air vents when the air conditioner is not in use.

The end of winter is the perfect time to have your air conditioning unit inspected and serviced to make sure there are no problems prior to the summer as many HVAC repairmen charge a premium for service calls then. Any needed AC repair can also be done at that time since there are potential fire hazards if it is not done properly. Unfortunately, necessary repairs are sometimes put off because money is tight, although it is more economical to fix small problems before they turn into big ones. In the mean time, your energy bills will likely be increasing, not to mention your unit may be incurring serious damage with continued use. It is certainly worth it to check the paperwork that came with the system to see if it is still under warranty, in which case most, if not all, of the cost of the repair would be covered.

At some point in time, usually 10 to 12 years, it may be necessary to replace the entire system. Although this is rather expensive, the cost effectiveness of replacement should be considered, such as the energy savings involved. For example, if you have an older model, it probably has a SEER of 7; in comparison, new models have a minimum SEER of 13, so a new unit will save you about 50% on your air conditioning costs and 15% to 20% on your overall energy bill. You should also consider how much you spend annually on AC repairs and add that amount to your projected savings. In addition, you might be able to use the 2011 energy tax credit, thereby saving on your taxes.

If you take good care of your cooling system, you can expect it to work well for several years, keeping you comfortable during the heat of summer without breaking the bank. You can perform most of the simple maintenance required yourself at little to no cost, only needing the help of an HVAC professional for yearly servicing or when major AC repair is needed.